At May 13th, I went to visit Carnival Horizon, the newest cruise from Carnival.

This visit was possible thanks to a nice invitation from Ms. Ana Bento, from the travel agency- Um Mundo De Cruzeiros (UMDC).

The cruise:

The vessel had her main voyage at March 28, 2018 and has the following characteristics:

• Guest capacity: 3960
• Gross tonnage: 133500
• Onboard crew: 1450
• Lenght: 324m

The visit:

Since I visited with travel agents, I only visited the passenger available spaces.
This vessel has different themes in order to please the tastes of each of its guests.

The entrance hall:

The entrance is one of my favorite locations, since it has this amazing staircase.

This place is used to throw several parties.
The central pillar, changes patterns over time.


We started the visit at the Havana section.
The space Havana is one of the most private, since it has a private pool and bar, where only the passengers from that zone are allowed to enter.
The pool is not infinite due to safety measures.
The outside space also has a bar, so the passengers get to order their drinks from the jacuzzi and pool.


There’s always endless fun on these type of cruises.

On board you can find a casino, bars, an IMAX cinema, gym, Spa, and even an arcade room, so you can have an amazing time regardless of your taste.


When you buy your passage ticket to this cruise, every meal has a giant buffet cattering to your every needs.
The included drinks are Iced Tea, natural juice, lemonade and redcurrant juice. If you want other types of drinks you can buy them on several places.
If you want more specific food, there are several restaurants aboard.
The restaurant that appears on the next photo is the biggest one on board.

Deck Space:

On the outside, besides pools and water slides, there is a giant screen where they pass movies everyday like an outdoor cinema.

My lunch on board:

During our visit, we could choose where to eat at the buffet. As I wanted to enjoy all my time on board, I chose pizza because it was the fastest to eat.
For dessert I ate this cake. It looks big but you eat it in seconds! ????



If you want to stay connected through out your vacations, you can access to internet for a price of 5$ per day.


During its time on The Lisbon passenger terminal, the cruise was bunkering.
I thought it was interesting to show you the difference of sizes between the to ships. 😀