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On today’s article I will talk about my short visit to a Green peace ship.

When I was on board CORVO, I had in front of us for a day, moored, this Greenpeace ship called Esperanza.

As I am curious regarding how ships look inside and how they operate, I entered the gangway and asked one of the crew members if it would be possible to visit the ship.

Fortunately, the answer was positive!

What does Green Peace stand for?

Basically, everyone has already heard of Greenpeace in some way, but few know what they really defend.

Since it is a large organization, it has been the center of large debates whether they have the right approach and concerns regarding their lawfulness.

According to their website they have been sailing across the world with the mission of protecting the environment.

They do scientific research regarding plastic in the oceans, stopped illegal wood from leaving the Amazon, among others.

At the present time they have a fleet of 3 ships:

• Artic sunrise
• Esperanza
• Rainbow warrior

My visit:

When I entered the gangway, I was welcomed by one scientist who told me she was preparing herself for disembarking and that the ship would leave in one hour. Still, she found the time to give me a small tour of the ship.

The ship is really small and she only has what is essential for her operation, which complies with the organization values.

I assisted at the scientist farewell and it was quite warming. I could tell they have a familiar and warm environment on board.

As the ship is small, they share the cabins with 2 to 3 persons.

I only had the opportunity to take pics of the ship’s stern and the mess area.

You can see them here.

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I hope one day I can visit a Greenpeace ship again with more time, specially to se the Bridge!

Would I be capable of working on board a Greenpeace ship?

I won’t say never, because honestly is too soon to tell!

I don’t feel like I have enough information about the organization and their methods of working.

Here in Portugal, we don’t have any representatives, which doesn’t make it easier to understand their actions.

The organization was accused of posting false data in the past, which they deny.

But regardless, its certain that they had already some good impacts on the defense of the global environment subject.

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