Today’s article is about ship bows.

The bow is the foremost part of the ship, being the extension of the keel.

Each ship has its bow according to the functions the ship will perform.

8 Types of Bow:

1-Reverse bow:


This bow is characterized by having the base wider and the upper part shorter, ie it is inverted.


2-Spur Bow:


This bow is more protruding at the bottom, having a spur.

The ship HMS Minotaur, is one of the ships that presents this beautiful bow.

3-Bequeathed Bow:


This bow is more protruding at the top.

My country’s school ship Sagres has this beautiful bow.


4-Straight Bow:


This bow is one of the simplest and oldest of the bows. Its design is quite simple.





5-Round Bow:


This bow is, as the name says, round.

The ship Santa Maria Manuela has this bow.




6-Arched Bow:


The arched bow is similar to the round bow but has the lower part more inclined.

In the next image we can see a ship breaking ice with this bow.


7-High Cain Spoon Bow:


This bow is a diagonal. It distinguishes itself from the bequeathed bow because the angle is less severe.






8-Bulbous Bow:


And of course the bulbous bow. If you still do not know why it has this strange shape, you can see here (article on bulbous bow)! aqui (article about the bulbous bow)!






Hope you liked it! 😉

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