On today’s article I’m going to share my experience and feelings about spending important days at sea. As I’m a deck cadet I’m losing important dates for the first time, because I’m embarked. Obviously each and every day is special in it’s own way, but the important days are only as important as you make them out to be. At the end of the day is just a day like any other…. Why do we give so much importance to a specific day? I decided to try to ignore these days… Of course, I still call my friends on their birthdays, but instead of being sad about my absence, I think that’s another opportunity to have a celebration on another day when I get back home. When I was at home, I didn’t value the days as I do now, so ended up not meeting my friends and hanging out with those I love as often.


On the last Christmas I was embarked until January 3rd. For that reason my family decided to reschedule the celebrations to the Twelfth Night, because Christmas is whenever a woman wants!

My mother’s birthday:

On my mother’s birthday I was at Azores, so I only could be with her through video chat. Thanks to modern technologies I was able to see my brother giving her the present we bought. Technologies help us feel like we are there.

On my ship:

On my ship we celebrate all the important dates including the crew member’s birthdays. Here we don’t have internet while sailing so we can’t communicate with home during those days. The good thing is that we never spend more than 3 days sailing, so we don’t get to miss it that much. If it wasn’t for the internet connection, I wouldn’t mind sailing every single day! I would love to know your opinion on this matter and if you ever missed a special day! Leave your experience in the comments! ????