This post is basically about me, so you get to Know me better!

This was my first week of vacation from school, but that didn’t mean I had less work. Since the last weeks of the semester are always very busy I always leave some of my responsibilities at home undone. XD

I love heat, but these 40ºC that have been going on in the last few weeks are way too much!

I really like animals. I live in a villa with 7 pets. 4 dogs, 3 cats and even some chickens. They fill me with love and joy. I do think that not having animals on board is one of the things that will be harder for me.

This are two of my cuties:

I also took some time this week to return in full strength to my routine of daily exercises, sandwiching cardeo with strength training ????

As if I didn’t have enough activities already, I decided to start a new one. I started learning Italian. I think that knowing more languages ​​is always an advantage, both personally and professionally, especially for me since in the future I’ll be traveling around the world.

I chose to learn this language because more than loving to hear people speak Italian if someone forced me to change my country I would definitely pick Italy. Italy is also in Southern Europe and has the second best food. The best of course is ours (Portugal), of course! 😛

Wednesday night I went to the movies to see “Wonder Woman” and I liked it a lot. It’s a very action-packed, fun movie with a very interesting storyline.
it’s good to know that today’s girls might have the luck I did not have, to watch quality superhero movies with women as protagonists (believe me it’s more important than it may seem).

Friday I went to the Albufeira’s lagoon for the first time. No offense to the lovers of this place, but for me the beaches of Sintra are much better (it has nothing to do with living here ahaha). The water temperature of the lagoon itself was good, but lacking in depth and the sand was quite thick with shells.

And so a week goes by without even realizing it 😀

This week I will go to the opening of the exhibition “Sea is life” (“Mar é Vida” in the original) of the organization David Melgueiro in Torres Vedras.  On the fifth and sixth I will go to the Third Conference of the Journal of the Economy of the Sea.