Today we are going to learn how to tie the Spanish Bowline Knot.

This knot has the same characteristics as the regular Bowline knot but is more complicated to do.
This knot is tied in order to form two loops, one for each leg, with the purpose of lifting a person.

How to tie the Spanish Bowline Knot:

Start to bend the rope in the center, leaving the center of this to the top.

Put both ends of the rope on the top of the center of the rope.

Now you have to change both ends from the rope, as you can see in the image.
Pull the rope from the orange ball to the top of the green ball.

It has to look like this.
Now you push the orange ball and pass it through the loop, in the direction of the arrow.

It stays like this if you only want one loop.

Then you have to do the same to the other loop.

When you are at this stage, pull both loops and the ends of the rope.

And this is how it’s done.

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