In this video we can see a pilot from Cadiz’s port getting on to the ship Santa Maria Manuela.
This was recorded during my trip on the SMM which you can read all about at 😉

What are pilots?

Entry into and exit from ports is the most difficult task, in terms of navigation, for vessel officers (at least of big sized vessels).

Pilots (sea ones) are experienced professionals (usually former masters), who have full knowledge of the port where they work, and will therefore assist ships that are entering that port.

They move from the port to the ship in which they intend to enter through a boat which is called a pilot boat. When they embark they share their knowledge with the captain/master about that area, such as: the shoals, the weather in the zone, the coast lines, how to maneuver, etc …

I think becoming a pilot is a great work option to any deck officer who can no longer live at sea for some reason, since it allows the person to keep working on ships and still live on dry land. 🙂