Do you like Otters? This article is for you! (video)

This video of otters was filmed during my visit to the lisbon oceanarium.

Although they are worshiped by most, otters are in danger of extinction because they are often trapped in fishing nets, or their skin is used for clothing.

They are animals that despite being wild, get along very well with humans.

They have a longevity of 15 years in nature and 25 in captivity.

Feeding / diet:

Their diet is based on crustaceans, fish, amphibians and reptiles, sometimes eating small mammals and even birds.

Due to their diet, they live along the coast or in rivers.

Family life:

The gestation of otters takes two months and two to three baby otters are usually born.

To be able to breastfeed, otters swim on their backs with their babies lying on their belly.


An otter measures between 55 and 120 centimeters (counting with the tail), and can weigh up to 15 kg.

Cold weather doesn’t matter:

They have one of the densest fur of the animal world. They need to eat between 20 to 25% of their weight to maintain body fat, to withstand the colder waters.

They are quite smart:

Otters are able to use rocks to break their food, being one of the few species out of the primate class that does it.

They prefer night time:

Otters have a habit of sleeping during the day and hunting at night. For this reason, they have membranes on their feet to detect movements in the water.

They are excelent swimmers:

In addition to their whole body being hydrodynamic and being prepared to be in the water, they can be submerged for 6 minutes. The source of their under water propulsion is the tail!

They swim to depths of 100m and can reach speeds of 12Km / h.

Although they prefer water, they do well on land.

Hope you liked it! ­čśë

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