Today’s article is about my visit to Contendas lighthouse, located in Azores Islands. As soon as you enter the building you can see a small exposition with some lighthouse objects and other curiosities telling the history of the Contendas lighthouse and other Portuguese ones.
Weights used on the lighthouse calibration
On this lighthouse, there are 3 men working on shifts to insure the security and maintenance.
Engine of the lighthouse

Contendas Lighthouse:

The lighthouse was built on February 1st, 1934.
Entrance of the lighthouse
It’s located on Ponta das Contendas SE of Terceira Island. The lighthouse tower is 13 meters wide and 54 meters high. This location was chosen since back in the day there were a lot of ships in the area and the ones that sailed between Monte Brasil and Ponta da Serrete, would find a dark area.
View from the lighthouse
The lighthouse was electrified at 1998 with public electric network.

Characteristics of the Lighthouse:

LOCATION: Contendas Tip FUNCTION: COASTAL ESTABLISHMENT: 01/02/1934 Latitude:  38 38 ‘, 62 C – 38.61 38’ N (WGS) LENGTH:  27 05 ‘, 12 W – 27 05.06 “(WGS) HEIGHT: 13 M Elevation: 54 F RANGE: 23 miles (42,6Km) FEATURE: FI (4) WR 15s.
The “lamp” of the lighthouse
I never had been inside of a lighthouse before. I loved the experience and plan to go visit more lighthouses in the future.