On today’s article I will show you a Life Raft inflation video.

What is a Life Raft?

Its a safety device that is capable of sustaining the lives of people in distress from when its time to abandon the ship until help arrives.

Life Raft equipment list:

  • Rescue quoits with minimum 30 metre lines
  • Non folding knife with a buoyant handle
  • 2 sponges
  • 2 buoyant paddles
  • 3 tin openers
  • 2 sea anchors
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 first aid waterproof kit
  • 1 whistle
  • 1 waterproof torch for communicating morse code with 1 spare set of batteries and bulb
  • 1 signalling mirror/heliograph
  • 1 radar reflector
  • 1 life saving signals waterproof card
  • 1 fishing tackle
  • Food ration totaling not less than 10000 kJ for each person
  • Water ration- 1.5 litres of fresh water for each person
  • One rust proof graduated drinking vessel
  • Anti sea sickness medicine sufficient for at least 48 hours and one seasickness bag for each person
  • Instructions on how to survive (Survival booklet)
  • Instructions on immediate action
  • TPA sufficient for 10% of the number of persons
  • 6 Hand Flares
  • 4 Rocket Parachute Flares
  • 2 Buoyant Smoke Signals

The video was recorded at ENIDH and the information was taken from aife.pt

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