Today we celebrate the day of the Seafarer!

This day was created back in 2010 to thank the seafarers for their work at sea.

If it wasn’t for the seafarers, most of the products (90%) we consume wouldn’t be delivered to our hands.

Mariners have a lot of problems at sea, like: being away from family and friends, security (due to weather conditions, piracy), fatigue (at sea there isn’t day off), etc.

This day is a way to expose those problems to governments and companies, so they make some changes that benefit the seafarers.

Every year there is a theme and this year it’s the seafarer’s wellbeing.

The IMO plans to improve this aspect are:
• Improve the security conditions,
• Increase the shore leave,
• Improve salaries.

IMO is also promoting the hashtag #GoodDayAtSea so mariners share their practices for a good work environment.

I wish all of you a good seafarers day! ????