Today’s article is about fishing methods. I’m going to explain which methods exist and how they work.

The fishing methods that exist are:

• Hand-gathering
• Spearfishing
• Line fishing
• Trapping
• Demersal or bottom trawl
• Purse seine
• Gillnets


With this fishing method you catch the fish with your own hands.
It may be on the surface or through diving.


Spearfishing is a fishing method where you catch the fish using a ordinary spear or a specialized one such us: harpoon, trident, arrow…


Line fishing:

In this method you catch one fish at a time. This is useful when fishing tuna and other medium sized fish species.
It’s a method used on shore and on ships.



This method consists in making the fish enter the trap using a bait.
It is really easy for the fish to go inside the trap, but difficult to get out, so they get stuck on the inside.

Trawl fishing:

There are several trawl types.
It can be as simple as a hand dredge or a bigger one pulled by a fishing vessel.

Purse seine:

In this method the vessel’s fish net surrounds the school of fishes, so they stay stuck on the inside of the seine.


A gillnet is a wall or curtain of netting that hangs in the water.
The fish stay stuck by their own movement against the net.

Smaller fish can pass the net holes.

If you know any more fishing methods, fell free to share! 😉

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