Why did I choose nautical science?

I’ve always dreamed about having a job that was different, not one of those everybody keeps complaining about.

I wanted to wake up wanting to go to work, be happy with what I was doing.

After all, life is way too short to spend it doing something that you don’t like.

While sailing we have the opportunity to live unique moments, travel, meet new people and cultures.

We don’t really have routines since every day at sea is different. We can see the sun set and rise at sea.

We don’t need to spend hours and hours in waiting lines at super markets or stuck in traffic.

Since I was very young I’ve been in love with the sea, not only because I grew up listening about the amazing stories of Portuguese sailors in the age of discoveries, but also because of my brother’s love for ships.

Obviously there are some down sides as well, like being away from home for a long time or not being able to go out whenever I want, but then I get compensated with some well-deserved vacations.


What can someone do with this degree?

When someone gets a degree in nautical science (which takes 3 years), they have to do an internship, as a cadet, which lasts for one year.

After that year they are considered 3rd deck officers and can choose to keep working or go back to the university and get a master’s degree to keep progressing in the career until they become Captain (hopefully).

The responsibilities of a deck officer include but are not limited to navigation and safety and organization of both cargo and passengers.