Friday (June 23rd) was the second and last day of the 3rd Conference of the Economics of the Sea Journal, and I was pleased to have the chance to talk to the President of Apormar, the Maritime Machine Engineer officer Álvaro Sardinha, who very kindly clarified many of my doubts about the Maritime transport market.

It is easy to board as a trainee?

As a student of the maritime sciences course and future finalist (I am now in the second year of three), one of the concerns we all have is our year of boarding as a trainee.

And no, it is not easy to arrange boarding, nothing worthwhile in life is. You can not wait until the oportunity arrives at your door step, you have to make an effort to have it.

But if you want to be an Officer, don’t give up! Álvaro Sardinha, who only finished his degree at the age of 49, was able to board as a trainee on a passenger ship.

Sending out my resume isn’t enough?

Only sending resumes is not of much use. The physical presence and direct contact with the companies is the most important thing.

We have to make ourselves known. Going to events such as lectures and conferences is essential.

How can Apormar help?

Apormar is a seafaring agency that makes the free connection between seafarers and recruiting companies.

On October 19th this year, Apormar will organize the first fair and congress “work on a ship”, where lectures and a job fair will be held with several recruiters linked to shipping. In this fair the candidates present themselves and do at that moment a small interview.

In my case, that I am still a student, it would be expected that perhaps the part of the fair would not have much interest. In spite of this I intend to go, so as to learn by observing how things happen.

Is english important?

English is essential!

Seafarers are citizens of the world, and as such they must be able to communicate with all people.

A candidate may even have a lot of experience and competence in a certain area, but may still be eliminated early in the interview because he can not express himself properly.

Is it necessary to do any medical exams?

In order to join ENIDH I did not have to do any medical examinations, however, if you want to go to work, you will have to pass rigorous examinations. This is something that people who would like to work in the maritime world have to worry about, because it is not worth thinking about a career at sea if you are not healthy enough.

Important and useful tips:

• Learn english (for those who don’t know how to speak fluently already);
• Do the necessary training for the type of work you want at sea;
• Check if you are healthy enough for the job you want;
• 124/5000
Get to know companies through physical spaces such as conferences, fairs, lectures, etc… but also in social networks;
• Sign up in Apormar.

It is very important to integrate the world of seafarers even before looking for a job, as Eng. Álvaro Sardinha told me:

If you are not understood, you don’t exist!