On today’s article I will share with you the 10 Things I like the most about my job. Obviously some of them may vary and they depend on the ship and route I’m currently at.

1-The work itself.

I love to sail and be at sea! It’s good to feel we have the “ship in our hands” and we are transporting essential cargo to thousands of people. 80% of the items we use on a daily basis are only available thanks to maritime transportation.

2-Outstanding views:

I know It’s kind of a cliché but the fantastic view of the break of dawn and the sunsets are breathtaking. But it’s not only at sea that there are good views. As I’m on a route to Azores, on my free time, I sometimes go ashore sightseeing and enjoy the delightful views these islands provide.  

3-Big holidays:

On the vessel where a currently work, usually the crew works two months and has one month of holydays at home. Before you think that’s a lot of time, you must remember that while we are on board, we do not have any weekend or days off, and generally seafarers only are with their friends and family during the time at home on vacation.

4- Waking up only half an hour before clocking in and still be on time for work!

Here we don’t have to leave earlier because of the traffic for example. Therefore, I can stay those extra minutes in bed without feeling guilty.

5-Eating without having to cook.

On board we have a chef that provides us with a good variety of tasty meals. Just thinking that I would have to cook diner and the next day lunch after a busy day at work…

6-I don’t need to goo shopping for groceries:

I hate to write shopping lists and arriving home only to realize that I forgot something at the supermarket. Not to mention all the crowds in the evenings.

7-It’s always warm inside:

Inside the ship I’m always wearing a T-shirt. And I love it.

8-More time to dedicate to personal projects:

We may work more hours than an employee on land, but, for instance, when I have free time I don’t have to worry about traffic, cooking, and other stuff like that, and I can use my time in a more productive way.

9-Career progress:

Depending on the ship and your abilities, it’s possible to be captain in more or less than 10 years. Wish me luck. 😉

10-I learn something new everyday:

Not only on the professional level, but also personal. For instance, here I applied the theory that I learned at school, and how to work with a 15 person crew. This was defenatly challenging, since it requires a good teamwork and assignments. And even though there aren’t many of us here, each person as a story to tell and something to teach you

And you? Do you ever considered a career at Sea?